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retest was founded in 2017 with the purpose to make GUI test automation painless and intelligent. As we picked up momentum, investors and others began to take notice. By 2018 we were servicing clients – who touch about 83 million people, furthering our product, and growing an amazing team. To date, we have raised €600K, are financially and operationally strong, and remain committed to our guiding principles.

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We live to improve test automation by:

Establishing a new testing paradigm, Difference Testing. Difference Testing tests for consistency instead of correctness.

This allows redundancy and for the dynamic state to persist. Resulting in simple test creation and maintenance.Thereby making tests more robust and complete.

Our clients who service over 83 million people have free resources, project control, and a better QA process.

Our Vaules and Purpose

We strive to be innovative and it’s reflected in what we do. This is how we remain authentic while achieving faster and better testing at half the cost.

This is the dynamic force that defines who we are, what we strive to be, and how we work cooperatively with our customers.
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