Test automation vs Automated testing

Testing as a craft is a highly complex endeavour, an interactive cognitive process. Humans are able to evaluate hundreds of problem patterns, some of which can only be specified in purely subjective terms.

3 Ways AI will Transform the Testing Process

Our AI efforts in testing: would hardly be a faithful recreation of human testing efforts. To better understand where AI could be applied in the overall testing process, we need to break down the individual tasks and challenges of a tester.

Your 2 Basic Visual Regression Testing Options

Most current approaches to visual regression testing of websites are pixel based – they compare screenshots of the pages pixel-by-pixel. Instead, deep visual regression testing considers the CSS attributes of all elements, giving you unique advantages.

Whitelist Testing vs. Blacklist Testing

From a IT security point of view, the current approach to GUI test automation is careless or even dangerous.

Your basic Whitelist-Testing options

Your basic Allowlist-testing Options

If you are new to the concept of allowlist-testing and just want to try it without too many strings attached, what are your basic tool options?