An efficient and intuitive GUI application that accepts or ignores changes easily and seamlessly.

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review 1

Results retrieval.

Recall your test results from the cloud.

review 2

Team collaboration.

Get your team together. Fewer tools and greater automation.

review 3

Comparative analysis.

Accept or ignore changes to update your Golden Masters.

review 4

Streamlined CI / CD.

Integrate with leading CI / CD tools with a robust API.

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Recce pointing




Check websites via API

Detect unexpected changes

Cross browser testing

Integratable into CI/CD Pipelines

Maintainable via CLI

Unlimited testing

Comparative analysis

Artifact retrieval

Streamlined CI / CD

Additional retest products & services

review 5


A fully functional
open source testing tool.

review 6


A repository service for
simplified test automation.

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