An efficient and intuitive GUI that lets you accept or ignore changes easily and seamlessly.

Results retrieval.

Recall your test results
from the cloud.

Team collaboration.

Get your team together.
Fewer tools and greater automation.

Comparative analysis.

Accept or ignore changes
to update your
Golden Masters.

Streamlined CI / CD.

Integrate with leading
CI / CD tools
with a robust API.

Quickly see what changed


Tired of being notified that a change occurred, and then having to figure out what actually changed? review shows you exactly what content or CSS attribute of what element changed where on the site from which old value to which new value.

Test Maintenance with Ease


Use our patented 1-click mechanism to maintain tests fast and efficient.

The same change occurs 100 times? Still one click. You want to ignore it, not accept it? Still one click.

Scales to BIG


Check and maintain >1.000.000 elements with ease. Drill down into what is relevant to you, and find the changes that matter quickly.

Define your own filter


Filtering is the most important aspect of whitelist-based testing. For that we give you a powerful yet simple git-like syntax to ignore elements and attributes in almost any combination imaginable.

If this is still not enough, you can fall back on ignoring elements based on JavaScript rules. This gives you the full power of programming regarding that aspect.

Highly integrated with rehub


The review GUI is very well integrated with rehub and all other retest services. This further reduces your effort and increases convenience and ease of use.

Additional retest products & services


A fully functional
open-source testing tool.

recheck Chrome Extension

An easily installed and
one click usage 


A repository service for
simplified test automation.


Do you need to visually review your automated test report?
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