cross-browser testing

Test your web applications across desktop and mobile browser/OS combinations

Cross-browser testing at lightning speed.

Making testing painless and intelligent throughout your test automation journey.

1-click test maintenance.

Use our patented 1-click mechanism to maintain tests fast and efficient. The same change occurs 100 times? Still one click. You want to ignore it, not accept it? Still one click.

Identify and fix bugs fast.

review shows you exactly what content or CSS attribute of what element changed was on the site from which old value to which new value.

Comprehensive deep visual regression testing tool.

Find bugs easily.

Filtering is the most important aspect of whitelist-based testing. For that, we give you a powerful yet simple git-like syntax to ignore elements and attributes in almost any combination imaginable.


Ensure your web apps work across mobile devices along with desktop devices. Since it’s easy to create Golden Masters, you’ll get results fast.

Integrate with your pipeline.

Setup, manage, and view test results all from within your continuous integration server — e.g. Travis CI.


Ensuring the security of your tests

additional features for enterprise

Team management

Share files, manage projects, enhance
collaboration with team members

Single sign-on

Using Keycloak, we will integrate into
your pre-existing single sign-on

Data analysis

Receive a comprehensive analysis to improve test performance

Customizable integrations

Configure integrations (e.g. Slack, Jira)
to streamline processes


3-4 days of remote training along with  easy to read documentation

Priority support

A member from our Dev Team
will respond within 24 hours M-F

supported browsers & devices
We strive to support to latest releases to ensure your website
is working flawlessly across all platforms.

View our full list of supported browsers and devices here.

Release: 72

Release: 79

Release: 12

Release: 11

coming soon!

coming soon!

Get started on your automated testing journey today.