Unbreakable Tests


Our unique approach to test automation solves a lot of common problems. Your tests are easier to create, more robust and can be maintained with minimal effort.

Your test can still execute, even if the identifying attributes of the elements change, making it essentially “unbreakable”.

Use recheck-web


Import the tool into an existing Selenium project (e.g. via Maven) or use our example project to try recheck-web without any strings attached.

MavenAdd recheck-web as dependency through Maven Central here

GradleAdd recheck-web as dependency through Maven Central here.


implementation 'de.retest:recheck-web:1.3.0'
Download recheck-web directly from github and import into your project.

Execute your test


Execute your test using plain Java, your favorite IDE (e.g. Eclipse, IntelliJ) or your favorite build system (e.g. Maven, Gradle) and possibly on your favorite continuous integration server (e.g. Jenkins, Travis). Notice how your tests are now much easier to create, more complete and more robust.

Upload your test results directly to rehub to have them accessible for download either manually or via review to maintain any differences that occur during testing.

Downloading recheck.CLI


Download and install the free and open-source recheck.CLI to maintain your tests and your recheck.ignore files in the most simple manner possible.

Setting up recheck.CLI


Once you have downloaded the most recent version of recheck.cli, you have to include the CLI into your path to use it in your shell which depends upon your operating system. To the right you’ll find how to install based on your operating system.

More documentation on recheck.cli is found here.

Additional retest products & services

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to ignore or accept changes.


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More Questions?

We’re happy to answer any questions you may have about retest products. Send us a message and we’ll get back to you shortly.