Checking Input


The input for creating Golden Masters or comparison can come from recheck-web (currently only Java/Selenium) or the Chrome Extension.

Contact us, if you want to use it as a product.

Difference calculation and storage


The calculation of the differences and the storage of the Golden Masters and the result reports can both happen locally or on our servers.

For instance, when using the Chrome Extension all data is uploaded to our servers. There, either a Golden Master with a given name is created, or if that Golden Master already exists, the uploaded data is compared to that existing Golden Master and the difference is calculated and made accessible for download.

Or with recheck-web, you can store the Golden Masters locally, and also do the difference calculation locally, and just use the rehub service to have the result uploaded to our servers, so it is easily accessible for everybody on the team.

Reviewing the differences


Traditional test automation only has a pass/fail output that can be viewed within the CI/CD pipeline.

recheck produces a more detailed output, that can be used to maintain the Golden Masters (i.e. apply changes) and the ignore files.

To enable that, the difference report comes in a proprietary format, that can be read by the review GUI and the free and open source recheck.cli.

retest products & services


A fully functional
testing tool.

recheck Chrome Extension

An easily installed and
one click usage 


An efficient and intuitive GUI
to ignore or accept changes.


A repository service for
simplified test automation.

Try our recheck-web Chrome extension and watch our 5 minute Tutorial.

More Questions?

We’re happy to answer any questions you may have about retest products. Send us a message and we’ll get back to you shortly.