Easy installation


There are various ways to use our products. We suggest you start by trying our Chrome extension for free. Follow the steps below for our tutorial.

The extension is so easy to install and so easy to use (and so easy to remove if you don’t like it), that you should actually just try it. Then you can check the examples below for yourself. It’s free and open source.

One-click usage


Using the Chrome extension is extremely easy. Just click on the retest logo to open a popup where you can either create a new Golden Master or compare the current website to an existing one.

After comparison, a new window will open, where you can see and download the newly created difference report. Note that you need the review GUI or the CLI to open that report. And of course you need to create an account with us, so whatever you test the extension with is safe.

Find subtle differences


When you have to play “spot the difference”, the Chrome extension will help you out and pin-point any changes. It is often helpful to ignore “Positioning”, as small changes will often result in most elements being “shuffled around”.

Try to manually spot the difference between this page and this page. It is very hard to find the differences manually. The Chrome extension on the other hand, will quickly point you to it.

Filter for relevance


Our powerful filters let you find what is relevant for you. Ignore font but not text. Ignore color but not size. Use our included filter or define your own with our powerful git-like syntax.

Test it yourself: compare this budget to this budget and find where the numbers differ…


Works with animations


How do you diff moving animations? Can you even find the difference as a human?

Well … recheck-web can. Try comparing this animation to this animation. And again, ignoring the positioning, recheck-web gives you just what you want, and even tells you that the animation starts 0.3 seconds later…

Better than pixel-diffing


Compare that to the current state-of-the-art in cross-browser and visual regression testing, which is (AI-enhanced) pixel-diffing:


  • Pixel-diffing is indeterministic.
  • Pixel-diffing gives both false positives (irrelevant changes) and false negatives (misses relevant changes).
  • You can’t influence the (ai-based) filtering.
  • Pixel-diffing just gives you a marked image, leaving the analysis up to you.

Additional retest products & services


A fully functional
open-source testing tool.


An efficient and intuitive GUI
to ignore or accept changes.


A repository service for
simplified test automation.


More Questions?

We’re happy to answer any questions you may have about retest products. Send us a message and we’ll get back to you shortly.