Autonomous Automation


Our AI-based test generator can automatically automate your tests. Using recheck-web, these tests not only detect functional differences, but also visual differences.

Using review, they are almost effortless to maintain and essentially unbreakable. Now you only need to focus on new functionality, we’ll have your back regarding changes.

Custom Train the AI


Usually, AI needs a lot of training data and a data scientist for good results. We did that for you. Combining deep neural networks with genetic algorithms, we do all the heavy lifting. You only need to provide a couple of example test cases for the AI to learn from, either recording them with the Selenium IDE or using your existing Selenium tests.

Find defects instantly


Because most defects lie in the eye of the beholder, the AI cannot usually find bugs. But while generating functional and visual regression tests, we can identify obvious errors, like dead links, invalid HTML and verify user-defined rules.

retest products & services


A fully functional
open-source testing tool.

recheck Chrome Extension

An easily installed and
one click usage 


An efficient and intuitive GUI
to ignore or accept changes.


A repository service for
simplified test automation.

More Questions?

We’re happy to answer any questions you may have about retest products. Send us a message and we’ll get back to you shortly.