retest 2020 events

Workshop: Unbreakable test automation without assertions

1/17: Software Quality Day, Vienna, Austria  | tickets

Test Automation without Assertions

2/06: European Testing Conference, Amsterdam, Netherlands | tickets

When will AI take my job as a tester?

2/06: OOP2020, München, Germany | tickets

Recheck and the Sorcerer´s Stone: Turning Selenium into Adamantium

2/20: Frankfurter Entwicklertag, Frankfurt, Germany | tickets

Recheck and the Sorcerer’s Stone: Turning Selenium into Adamantium

3/18: Javaland 2020, Brühl, Germany | ticket

Session-Based Recommender Systems for Action Selection in GUI Test Generation

3/23: 3rd IEEE Workshop on NEXt level of Test Automation (NEXTA) 2020, Porto, Portugal | tickets

Rechecking and the Philosopher’s Stone: Turning Selenium into Adamantium

4/02: TestCon 2020, Moscow, Russia | tickets

Recheck and the Philosopher’s Stone: Selenium becomes Adamantium

Unbreakable test automation – Without Assertions

4/21 – 23: SAEC Days, München, Germany | tickets

AI Family Feud: Playing the AI versus Traditional Automation Game

4/22: EPIC Experience 2020, San Francisco, California, USA | tickets

What’s Your Leadership IQ?

6/07 – 12: Agile + DevOps West, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA | tickets

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