Quality assurance with greatly reduced friction for agile test automation. Cross-browser and cross-device testing. Enables AI-based test automation.

Reduce Risk


Every software change induces risk. The risk to break functionality that already worked. Which upsets customers and reduces their confidence in you.

With retest, you can minimize that risk—with the lowest effort ever. Our near-complete tests give you the highest confidence possible. We got your back.

As Agile as it Gets


Do you want to iterate fast, and deploy at the rate of Facebook? Manual testing cannot stand that rate of change. Agile development requires test automation.

retest was built specifically to support even the minutest changes in software. With retest, your testers can create tests fast and easily, early on in the project. Easy to create, easy to maintain.


AI for Real


AI is the new electricity. According to Gartner, “by 2021, 50% of enterprises will leverage intelligent test automation driven by AI.” To us, AI is not just a buzzword.

Let testers do what they can do best and like the most: Test new functionality. AI cannot do that, and arguably never will. Instead, let AI generate your automated tests.


We Support

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