recheck-web demo plugin

The recheck-web demo extension is available in the Chrome Web Store, and can be installed (and removed) with a single click. That makes it very easy to generate example reports and to evaluate the capabilities of recheck-web and the review GUI.

After installing it, you can e.g. compare the original budget to the adapted budget. The first time you click on the extension, you will be asked to log in. You can use an existing GitHub or BitBucket account, or create a new retest account. This ensures that you can use the extension with your own sites and don’t need to worry about anybody seeing your possibly sensible data.



After you created some Golden Masters and some difference reports, these are available for download. A tab with the reports dashboard will be automatically opened. In order to open the reports, either the free and open source recheck.CLI (command line interface) or the review GUI is necessary.


Using the review GUI, you can review the differences and filter them to quickly get an overview about what is actually different. You can permanently ignore changes or create custom filter. However, since the Golden Masters are not locally available, you cannot accept changes.

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