Whether you regard yourself as a developer, an automation engineer or a tester—retest is for you. With a different paradigm, retest gives you unprecedented power, ease of use and high confidence in your automated tests. Test automation just became painless and intelligent.


Difference testing gives you easy to ignore visual anomaly detection. It allows data-independent test automation. It is easy to setup and easy to integrate.

Git for the GUI

Arguably, regression testing is not testing—it’s version control. Because your automated tests will not find old bugs, they guard against introducing new ones. This shift in paradigm changes everything. Now tests are suddenly easy to create, easy to maintain, and near-complete.

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data independent

Data-independent test automation

The first time ever, that you can write data independent tests. Update the data (e.g. from a life system), then run your tests once to create the Golden Master. Then update the code and run them again—and see what changed.


No more head-ache about how to identify those pesky elements, that developers keep changing all the time. Codeless automation with capture and replay that just works.

Unbreakable Selenium Tests

Create automated tests that survive almost any UI change and are literally “unbreakable”. Create tests with a virtual and constant retestID, that replaces ugly CSS or XPath classifiers. No page-object pattern, no manual abstraction.

Unbreakable Selenium Tests
capture replay

Capture and Replay that works

Because recorded tests were both brittle and hard to edit, Capture and Replay has been the poster child of failed promises for the last thirty years. Capture to code and recheck, for the first time ever, Capture and Replay lives up to it’s promise of fast and easy to create tests.

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